Our Industry Partners

12+ year customer partnership

6 major hotels served

Exclusive vendor for all of Hyatt Hotels in SF Bay Area

5+ year customer partnership

9 hotels served. 5 regions. 2 states. 

4+ year vendor relationship with SF's two largest hotels!

9+ year customer partnership

Boutique hotels & restaurants

Average hotel savings of $3-$9K per month over our competitors prices

2+ year customer partnership

5 hotels served

Laundry vendor for San Francisco's two largest Hilton Hotels. Combined 1,945 guestrooms.

What We Wash

We offer laundry services for hotels between 200 and 2,000 guest rooms. 
No job is too big or too small.
We specialize in the washing of COG (Customer Owned Goods). 
Here is a full list of everything that we can do!

Flat Sheets

Fitted Sheets


Bath Towels

Wash Clothes

Bath Mats

Hand Towels

Pool Towels

Gym Towels​

* Above items priced per pound


Foam & Down Comforters

Duvet Covers

Bath Robes

Cleaning Rags


Foam & Feather Pillows

Bed Spreads

Mattress Pads

* Above items are priced per piece