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  • The most competitive laundry pricing in Northern California
    • Our clients save thousands of dollars per month over the other laundry vendors.​
  • Personalized, responsive service from a family-owned and operated business

    • All clients receive a dedicated Support Representative that you may contact for questions, updates, best-practices, or support with monthly linen inventories.​

  • Consistent, on-time delivery service 365 days a year

    • We achieved our goal of 100% on-time deliveries in 2019 and 2020 YTD.

    • All trucks are equipped with GPS and managed by a dedicated Transportation Director.

    • Our long-term partnership with Ryder trucks allows for 24/7 roadside assistance and ensures that your hotel's delivery will arrive on time, regardless of any issues we might encounter along the way. 

  • Wash capacity & horsepower for both large and small hotels

    • We provide laundry service for hotels ranging from 300 to 1,500+ hotel rooms.

    • Proud to serve three of San Francisco's largest hotels by total room count.

    • Cutting-edge wash technology and automation to ensure consistent quality and results.

    • In 2020, we invested $6M to overhaul our wash automation and infrastructure.

  • Eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable business.

    • Our washers use 75% less water and require fewer chemicals to operate than traditional commercial washing machines.

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