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Current Job Openings

Hiring is currently closed for the month of February, 2024


At Sacramento Laundry, we prioritize our team's well-being by providing competitive pay, comprehensive medical and dental benefits, and a range of employment positions with flexible shifts. As we strive to uphold our mission of delivering top-notch laundry services to hotels, we are continuously seeking fresh talent to contribute to our dynamic team.

Sacramento Laundry is committed to fostering diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. As a proud women-led business, we value inclusivity and offer on-the-job training, creating a pathway for career growth. Joining us means being part of an organization that not only works hard but also believes in cultivating a positive and celebratory work culture.

Discover the rewarding experience of being a part of our team – where hard work, enjoyment, and shared successes are embraced. Embark on your journey with Sacramento Laundry today!"

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